The Finest HVAC Services

As I mentioned in my first post, I’m originally from New York. Therefore, I’ll be reviewing plenty of New York businesses. My first review is dedicated to The BP Group, an HVAC maintenance and mechanical company located in Glendale, where I helped manage an apartment building. BP Group’s commercial HVAC services are at the top of my list. With skilled technicians, innovative technology, exceptional customer care, and efficient emergency response, it’s no surprise that BP Group remains thriving to this day. I was excited to see that they have won a recent award for management innovation. This award, titled the E. Robert Kent award, was given to them to acknowledge their PIPES business tool. Congratulations to The BP Group!

One of the main aspects I want to shine a light on is the emergency AC repair. When we had an issue with the air conditioning in the building, we knew we had to get it fixed right away. Not only would it impact those occupying the building, it would impact the services offered within the building. We had a duty to those living and using the gym and food services within our building. The BP Group understood the urgency of the situation and came to the rescue. After identifying the issue, they found the proper solution and made us aware of all the details. This included price, timing and what actions needed to take place. For this, I was very appreciative. Situations like this clarify why you chose the company in the first place.

The BP Group has many other strong points. These strong points include the BP Green initiative, which focuses on finding sustainable solutions, their commitment to safety and their experience in the industry for over 35 years.

The best way to end this post is with The BP Group’s acceptance speech.