An Awards Company Deserving of Recognition

My next review is Recognition Source, and this time around, they’re getting the recognition! This trophy supplier¬†provided my entire work team with crystal trophies. Every year, my office holds an awards ceremony, and I was beyond thrilled of the outcome. All deserving individuals, which is everyone on my team, received a custom crystal trophy.

crystal trophies
Cathedral Elite Crystal Award

For this specific review, I’m going to break down the benefits. Since many people order awards in bulk, you’ll want to be satisfied when they all arrive. Here’s what makes Recognition Source an ideal trophy supplier, as well as a look into this specific trophy choice.
Crystal: The high quality crystal expressed on the website is the same high quality I received. The trophies are packaged in a deluxe presentation box, keeping them as sparkling and clean as they arrived. Trophies, plaques and gifts are also available in glass and marble.
Size: This trophy is offered in 3 convenient sizes, perfect for differentiating those in higher positions or those who have served more time. The small, medium and large trophies share equal beauty. While there are many larger options to choose from, these sizes worked out best for this ceremony. They stood perfectly on the table for recipients and guests to view.
Price: One word, affordable! Being that I have a recognition budget to work with, affordability is a major factor. With plenty of affordable options that come in different sizes, shapes and colors, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for the perfect price.
Engraving: The impressive and FREE engraving is the cherry on top. Each trophy includes free engraving, set-up, proofs, and revisions, which adds to the price benefit as well. Choosing to add a custom message makes the gift perfectly personal. The engraving is neat and readable.

This is my favorite recognition choice yet! Check out why recognition is so important: