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GoodCellas Review: My Resale Company Experience

This review is dedicated to GoodCellas:

I was looking¬†for a website where I could resell my iPhone that I no longer use. I’m happy to say that I stumbled across GoodCellas. Not only was the process easy and smooth, but I was able to get more money for my phone than other popular websites! While it’s hard to say goodbye to a device you’ve been attached to since you’ve had it, the money received from GoodCellas is well worth it. The money even arrived faster than I thought. Free shipping for my old phone + fast cash = happy customer!

“GoodCellas is the trusted source to save money on quality used phones, and get the best trade in value on your old device” – there’s so much truth in this. I feel lucky that I happened to come across this company, so I made up a little guideline for finding a trustworthy company for those that are looking. I’m sure you’ll end up on this one because it takes the cake for every point on my list. ¬†Here’s a preview:


Online reviews exist for a reason. Use them! Plus, if a company’s reviews are good enough, they’ll be putting them to use too. If they’re easy to find, especially on the website, this may be a good first sign. Before going through the process yourself, check up on the experience of others. Some of the responses you’ll want to look for and note should be about:

  • If consumers feel as though the process was user-friendly
  • If consumers feel as though they received the appropriate trade-in offer
  • If consumers feel as though the used product they received is fair to what was advertised
  • If consumers have used this company more than once or if they will use it again
  • If consumers have had a good experience with the customer service

These points play a role in not only the company’s trust factor, but with their concern for consumer experience. Through this research, you may also get an idea of the growth of this company and how long it has been around for.


If you’re going to trust a company to give you fair prices and quality products, it’s important to make sure they’re experts in what they’re buying and selling. This information is not only beneficial for proving that they’re knowledgeable enough to be in the industry, it’s beneficial for helping consumers become knowledgeable as well. Presenting them with helpful information, in a way that’s understandable to people who may not be as familiar, is one of the best ways for a company to go about this. This expertise can be proven through various platforms, and should cover different kinds of tips, advice and industry-related news. Some of the places you can look for this expertise include:


  • Blog posts – on the website for customers and off the website for others to find them and learn from their expertise. Additional features and blog posts off-site allow this company to eventually be recognized as experts. A company should be sharing beneficial information about topics such as upgrading, wasting data, preserving resale value, protecting the battery, and more on its blog.
  • Social media posts – snippets of information, photos, videos, infographics, and more are other ways to share expertise. It’s important that trustworthy companies display this, as well as display it in different ways for different audience members.
  • Contacting the professionals – if they’re experts, they should be able to answer plenty of your questions. If you have any questions regarding specific mobile devices and how they work, don’t hesitate to go to them.

Simple Process

A trustworthy company shouldn’t make you jump through hoops to send in your device or receive your payment. They’ll want to give you what you came for. Some of the things to look for while on the company’s website are:

  • A user-friendly platform – buying and selling websites include various steps to ensure the proper trade-in value is calculated. It’s important that these steps are user-friendly. If you’re on a website that has it laid out for you with step-by-step guidance, it’s a good sign. There should be steps such as choosing the model, the condition, the capacity, and the carrier. All of these components are needed to determine a fair deal, and it’s a good indicator that the website has this.
  • Free shipping – since selling your old device requires you to send it in, you should make sure that the company offers free shipping. Don’t pay the extra money if you don’t have to. The best cell phone resale companies will provide you with a free box or paid shipping label.
  • Fast offers – while many resale companies have the right to alter price upon delivery, providing a fast offer after going through the process at least gives users an idea of what to expect. It’s a little shady if there’s no estimation of worth.
  • Fast payments in different forms – look for companies that offer fast payment in different form options. A company that cares about convenience is the way to go. Nobody wants to send in a device and not hear anything back for a while. This is a sure way to lose trust in an instant.

While I don’t have a video about GoodCellas, I have a helpful video on the topic of cell phones. Here are some life hacks for better reception: